We are teachers who come together for the love of stories!

Shaking Stories is a space that enables children to have the habit of reading and writing in a fun way while sharing tips with educators and parents.


He is a gentleman who likes writing codes. He is one of the two creators of this app who loves listening to music while he is working on this and cycling when he is not. Just like Young Yuri likes making robots, he likes making things like wooden bookshelves.


She is a lady who likes writing stories for Shaking stories. She is the other creator who loves words, colors and clouds and reading poems. She tries to practice yoga when she doesn’t write. Just like Elegant Emma, she loves flowers, too.

Shaking Stories is created by two English Teachers who love reading and writing stories. We believe stories are magical things that can change time, heal wounds and improve creativity. Here you will read and write stories and have fun!

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

Roald Dahl

Our initial aim is to reach anyone who believes in the power of stories and creating new ones. We believe we will grow when we share with students, educators and parents.