Human Robots

Dr Evil has a very strange smile because...

He liked making rockets in his room, and this was enough for him. He was also good at making potions for everything. When he finished making a rocket, he used to make a potion to send it to the space.

While days went by, one night a strange thing happened. While everyone was sleeping, Young Yuri wasn’t. He was working on his new rocket. He heard a noise coming from outside. When he looked outside, he saw people talking angrily. They were even shouting at each other. From their discussions, he understood that nobody could sleep that night.

Everyone had to wake up suddenly as if somebody poked them strongly. Four days passed by without anybody sleeping. Then the police announced that there was a thief who stole people’s sleep and they were looking for him. In the meantime, Young Yuri made a potion so that everyone could sleep after 4 days. Everybody drank that potion and slept like a baby that night.

But the police could not find the thief, so Young Yuri thought that if the police could announce that his potion was not to prevent the thief from stealing their sleep, maybe the thief could come again. This would be a trick to catch the thief of course. So, everybody in the town said that the potion didn’t protect them from the sleep thief in the street markets, at schools, at hospitals, everywhere. And 3 days later, the thief came again.

He didn’t know that Young Yuri was waiting for him. When he tried to steal an old lady’s sleep, Yuri put his potion on him and it made him sleep. They put him in a rocket that Young Yuri made and sent him to Mars.

Everybody was dancing and jumping together, except Young Yuri. He was only dancing as he could not jump. But he was happy.